How to Proceed Over Google Account Recovery with Phone Number

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    Ityug247 8 months ago

    If you are not able to log in at, then follow the quick steps to recover your Google account.


    • visit the Google Account Sign In page. You can then type in your phone number or email address.

    • The Next button needs to be clicked or touched.

    • Click the Forgot password link.

    • select the link To receive a chance to recover your password, try something else.

    • Fill up the space with your cell or phone number and press the Send button.

    • To continue with Google account recovery via SMS, enter the code you received in your message and click or tap Next.

    • In the empty space, create a new password, confirm it, and then click or click the Next key.

    • To continue with the shown Google account, click or tap the link.


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