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Average number of times daily active Snapchatters open the app daily


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Average percentage of daily active Snapchatters who create snaps daily

Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Filter Ads

Sponsored Filters can be seen and used by Snapchatters at your store, event or other location. By doing so, they in turn advertise your business to thousands of people.

Viral Reach

60% of Snapchatters create Snaps every day. When people use your filters, it is the digital equivalent of Word Of Mouth marketing, the most effective form of marketing.

Great ROI

With filters, you don’t pay for views, still reaching thousands of people. Filters deliver a 3.5x higher lift, on average, than mobile norms for both Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent.

Easily Measure Impact

With filter campaigns, you can get detailed insights like Swipes, Uses, Views, Use Rate, etc that will help you evaluate the success of your campaign.

Precise Location Targeting

You can run filters in precise locations to tap into the right audience. SwipeStudio offers great location targeting options to make it easier for you.

Snapchat Ads

*Creative from Snapchat

Full Screen Video Ads allow you to be discovered seamlessly within Snapchat stories and other premium Snapchat content.

Gain Attention

Snapchat Ads are full screen ads, ensuring that your audience’s complete attention is focussed on your ad making your ads more effective compared to other feed based social platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Gain Rich Insights

Snapchat Ad analytics are far more meaningful and actionable because every impression leads to a view as opposed to other Ad formats like Banners, Links and news feed advertising where one cannot guarantee that an impression actually led to a view.

Drive Action Instantly

With Snapchat Ads you can not only put your brand in front of your audience but also drive them to your website or to your page on the App store to take action without them having to leave the Snapchat App. This could greatly increase the conversion rate of your audience for the desired action.

*Creative from Snapchat



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